Graphica Design is a sole proprietorship that provides web and graphic services. Here is a sampling of what I have been doing for the last 30 years. This site can be navigated through the links at left, ...


Center for Psychological Services

Organization of mental health professionals:


University Barge Club

A beautiful boat club on Philadelphia’s iconic Boathouse Row, this site was created with loads of help from Kelly Ennis of Design Nehez and Galin Simeonov. Visit at: University Barge Club


Historic Waynesborough

A magnificent house museum in Paoli, Pennsylvania, owned by Easttown Township, administered by the Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks:


Stotesbury Cup Regatta

World’s Largest High School Regatta


Independence Day Regatta

First run circa 1880, the regatta was originally known as the People’s Regatta. The People’s Regatta was run “Over the National Course.”  It was open to all. Over the years the regatta has become a ...


Schuylkill Navy Regatta

The Schuylkill Navy is an association of amateur rowing clubs of Philadelphia. Founded in 1858, it is the oldest amateur athletic governing body in the United States. Visit the site at


Philadelphia Youth Regatta

A great regatta for young people! Visit at Philadelphia Youth Regatta.


Personal Notebook

This site is a collection of photos – images that surprise and enchant me. There are a few drawings and I plan to include videos and sounds when I finish projects and come up for air. Here ...


Hawley Society

Genealogy and history of the Hawley Family. Visit at


The Gold Cup

The Gold Cup is the most storied race in Philadelphia’s rich rowing history and one of the most exciting rowing competitions outside of the Olympics. Visit at


Head of the Schuylkill Regatta

Philadelphia’s fall rowing classic:   


Kent Lobur Artist

Artist known for his charcoal paintings


Andrea Deimel

Fine art gallery:


Access to Rowing & Paddling

Learn to row and paddle day on Boathouse Row:


Center for Educational Services

Academic support and consulting services for grades 1 through 12:

Youth_Movement_cover_gate copy

Youth Movement Fitness

Because graphic design is a visual medium, I shan’t bore you with lengthy discussions about design philosophy, or strain your patience with elaborate case studies. I will try to clarify what you are looking at. This ...


Art of Israel

The configuration of this brochure is the same as the previous one, except the cover opens as do books in Hebrew – left to right – in the opposite direction than books in English.

front_gate_love copy

Adventures in Love

Good title for a brochure, huh? This adventure is designed for couples and is an offshoot of an outdoor leadership program. The trips are run by a visionary psychologist and his team. Participants are encouraged ...


Philharmonic of Colorado

This, and the next two orchestra projects, are part of my ongoing effort to make #10 brochures more interesting than the usual 8.5″ x 11″ folded in thirds. I am still working on the best ...


Main Line Philomusica

As an aside, the template I am using for this site (thank you Dmitry!) is still in beta…so if odd things happen, use the menu at left or refresh your browser. This theme is too ...

North Penn Orchestra-1

North Penn Orchestra

Lest time wither or custom stale my infinite variety, I include this third piece, similar to the two previous, to demonstrate that a tight budget, which precludes four-color printing, is manageable with two colors.   ...


UBC 1871 Capital Campaign

The UBC 1871 Foundation is dedicated to the protection and conservation of the historic architectural identity of #7 Boathouse Row. The Foundation, in support of the Boathouse Row community, strives to preserve and improve the home ...

Layout 1

Creative Arts Therapy

When it absolutely, positively, has to be an 8.5″ x 11″ brochure, printed and folded by the client, we can still have a party.

sharing_arts_cover copy

Sharing the Arts

This is just like origami, a printed square and folded by hand. Sharing the Arts was a cultural exchange program hosted by The Appel Farm Arts and Music Center in Elmer, The Perkins Center for the ...


Maritime Museum

And you thought the last fold was complicated. This 22.5″ x 18″ brochure works its way down to an 8.5″ x 11″ brochure. The panels on the far left include a perforated and gummed envelope ...


Marci Caterer

Marci Caterer’s brochure is simplicity itself: a straight-up accordion fold printed on one side. That last piece for the Maritime Museum took the wind out of our sails for a week. Plus, the rulers and ...


Philadelphia Art Museum

When I began my career, an art director told me: “If a graphic designer gets two or three portfolio pieces a year, he or she should rejoice.” So, here is an older piece – included ...


Philadelphia Maritime Museum

This, too, is a blast from the past, scanned from the printed piece. The old photo knocks me out. In particular, the short guy on the far left in the second spread, who is a ...


Breezer Bicycles

The Breezer catalogue was as much of a joy to do as a ride on the open road. Some of the bikes were photographed in Doylestown – where I live and work. One of their ...


PBS Proposed Documentary

This brochure is a fundraising piece, and like the Breezer catalogue, the kind of work I love to do. During this site creation, I made a decision to show all the pages in each project. ...

business brochure

PA Department of Education

This is a two-color booklet that encourages state business leaders to participate in reforming science and technology education in the schools. Although it is an older piece, I include it to prove that white space ...


Girard Strategic Plan

Another two-color brochure, and the first one I did for the communications director at the school. We went on to collaborate on many projects and do great work together – interspersed with field trips to ...


Girard College Donor Report

Here is a straight forward booklet that is no more than a listing of names. We used this format for several years and changed the color of the field. This piece is an example of ...


Corporate Initiatives

A celebration of color for a colorful and visionary company.

Layout 1

Temple Podiatric Medicine

The mission with this office handout was “putting a face” on a renovated facility. That is one thing we have in here – a lot of faces. If you are like me, sitting in a ...


Community Legal Services 2014 Annual Report

This annual report is one of my favorites – particularly since the clients and I managed the project as a creative team. Many thanks to Lisa Verges for overseeing the work Caitlin Brown and I were ...


Community Legal Services 2015 Annual Report


Girard Annual Report 2008

All three of the Girard College annual reports were handled like magazines, and a lot of fun to do. Each article needed its own flavor, but had to fit in with the annual message from ...


Girard Annual Report 2007

Our focus this year was on the new roof for Founders Hall. Yes, it looks like the Parthenon, and the interior is as spectacular as the exterior. Stephen Girard’s legacy is an excellent read and ...


Girard Annual Report 2006

The theme of this annual report was the students. Len Rubenstein did the photography; Zuki McLaughlin art directed the shoot, managed the content, and did all the copywriting. With talent like that on board, the ...


NJ Protection & Advocacy

Above is a two-color annual report. It was their tenth anniversary, hence the cover graphic, done by yours truly. The art on the inside was done by Murray Callahan; the project management and copywriting by ...

Layout 1

Overbrook School for the Blind

And for yet another configuration to fit a budget: a four-color cover with two-color text pages. Overbrook School for the Blind, built by the Philadelphia firm Cope and Stewardson in 1899, is an architectural masterpiece. ...


Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.

My first annual report project, done many years ago, was designed in landscape view. Back then, the company wanted to showcase some of the entrepreneurs in whom they invested. I smile to see how large they ...


Museum Rack Card

One of my favorites. This rack card is a mere 4″ x 9″ and afforded me the privilege of poking around the Girard College collection. No, I was not allowed to sit in that chair. ...


CD Tray Insert

I can get lost creating graphic moods on small sheets of paper. This insert sheet is an accordion fold.


Camp Kweebec Map

This map is a web graphic for Camp Kweebec‘s web site. Every now and again, I take on a drawing project.

bumper sticker

Museum Bumper Sticker

I could not resist including this because the concept continues to amuse me. These were the nautical coordinates for the Philadelphia Maritime Museum when it was on Chestnut Street.

Mills_Banners copy

Banners for Mills at East Falls

There is a certain irony to working on banners. You have a ton of space, but the visuals have to be simple.

Regatta copy

Head of the Schuylkill Regatta

Banners for Kelly Drive during this two-day regatta.

vehicletags copy copy

Vehicle Hang Tags

When it comes to branding an event, “God is in the details.” ~ Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

2011Limited Edition

Regatta Tee Shirts

Head of the Schuylkill Regatta Limited Edition Tee Shirts.


Philadelphia Folklore Calendar

This 38″ x 21″ calendar folds down to meet postal regulations. With projects like these, I always visit the United States Post Office to get their blessing before we go to print. If a 10,000 ...

WGS-CHINA 2013-1

LPGA Women’s Grand Slam

This Powerpoint presentation is included to show there is life beyond Microsoft templates.


Michelin Proposal

One of many sponsorship proposals (about eighty-seven of them to be exact) done last year to promote a syndicated sports talk show. The sheets were printed on one side and coil bound with front and ...



A sampling of letterhead packages, for which I did the logos. These are tough to show online since paper plays such a big part in the final product. There are more to come under this ...


Visual Media Printing

These postcards were part of a direct mail campaign for a printing company that could handle anything you asked of them.


Art of Israel Gallery

I love doing postcards! These were done to promote an online gallery offering Israeli art for sale.


Millerprint Business Services

More postcards for a printing company. In addition to eye-catching graphics, we were able to showcase some wonderful papers.



Posters are grouped under one heading. When I go through portfolios, I flip through the pages fairly quickly. Giving you the same ability seems like a good idea. I cannot see a reason to go ...


Girard Gala

This invitation package included an outside envelope, reply card and inside envelope. The invitation was printed in burgundy, silver and black – then folded in thirds. The die cut edge was set off against the ...

front tassel copy

Girard College

A difficult configuration to show online, this stapled invitation booklet has a vellum over-sheet and is finished with a gold elastic tassel.  I hired a roomful of teenage boys to affix the tassels and stuff ...

Layout 1

Auerbach Agency

This invitation was printed on heavy linen stock and folds in thirds. The aleph logo on the front cover is a die-cut.

inviteoutside copy

Regatta Picnic

The art on the cover is a whimsical interpretation of A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat. The invitation was mailed in a vellum envelope so the art showed ...


NJ Protection & Advocacy

Two-color, eight page newsletter, written by Mari Bernhagen.


Temple Strides

We did a number of issues for this newsletter. This one is my favorite because of the “lily feet” shoes on page five – part of the extensive collection in the school’s Shoe Museum. From ...


Institute of Logistics

Simple, fun, two-color newsletter for a logistics school.


Regatta Program Covers

This album includes a few covers for a program book I have done for fifteen years. We used to use Thomas Eakins’ paintings and drawings as our theme. Over the last few years, we have ...


Regatta Program Book

The entire program, as promised. Stamina provided by Power Bars and Gatorade.


I am glad you came to visit.

I appreciate your taking the time to browse my site and hope you enjoyed looking at my work. I promise not to let another ten years elapse before I update this portfolio. I still have ...