• Girard Gala

    This invitation package included an outside envelope, reply card and inside envelope. The invitation was printed in burgundy, silver and black – then folded in thirds. The die cut edge was set off against the burgundy gatefold.
  • Girard College

    A difficult configuration to show online, this stapled invitation booklet has a vellum over-sheet and is finished with a gold elastic tassel.  I hired a roomful of teenage boys to affix the tassels and stuff the envelopes. I was sworn to secrecy never to mention they spent an afternoon surrounded by frilly gold tassels.
  • Auerbach Agency

    This invitation was printed on heavy linen stock and folds in thirds. The aleph logo on the front cover is a die-cut.
  • Regatta Picnic

    The art on the cover is a whimsical interpretation of A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat. The invitation was mailed in a vellum envelope so the art showed through. Yes, the post office blessed our efforts before we stamped them and dropped them into the mailbox.