I can hear you thinking: “She has everything
in here but the kitchen sink!” I would be undone to think I might disappoint, so here is the kitchen sink.

You’re welcome.


As for personal information, I have been designing and producing everything from matchbook covers to annual reports for a few – ahem – decades. Early in my career, I worked for several ad agencies, then started my business quite by accident. After my one and only perfect son was born, I had every intention of returning to work in an agency setting. The cosmos had other plans and presented me with loads of freelance projects. Enough for me to start a studio of my own. Work has dropped through the transom ever since.

metwoWhat I love about my work is the variety – meeting wonderful people from all kinds of backgrounds and businesses – and the privilege of working together to develop design and marketing communications initiatives. Partnering with my clients (and vendors) is fun! And we laugh a lot.


I was educated at Kent Place School, Wellesley College, and the University of Pennsylvania. But as a lifetime learner, I believe in cultivating “beginners mind.” My work has nudged me into reinventing myself through ongoing study. How information is delivered changes rapidly and, as a closet geek, I am enthralled by technology, using available tools to the best advantage, and avoiding overwhelm in our digital age. I have had outstanding teachers and forward-thinking clients who encourage me to go “just a little further.”

Enough about me. I would love to hear from you through the contact form on this site. Or by voice. Or by text message. My number is 267-614-8359.

Warm regards,

Tracy Cunningham, Owner



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